What President-elect must do to unite, give hope to Nigerians —Entertainers

Some celebrities have expressed hope ahead of the inauguration of Senator Bola Tinubu as the president of Nigeria tomorrow, noting that the nation will return to the path of prosperity and overcome its challenges.

Speaking with R about his expectation, veteran actor, Jide Kosoko, disclosed that Nigeria may be facing some of the toughest times now, but added that with Tinubu as the president, it is only a matter of time before things begin to get better for the country and the people.

While urging the new administration to formulate policies that are capable of creating enabling environment for the movie industry and its practitioners, Kosoko said that with the boom currently being experienced in the entertainment industry, it is expedient for the government to ensure that it protects the interest of the practitioners with policies that will engender development.

“I know Bola Tinubu personally and I am certain that he will do well for Nigeria. I know that things are bad but he’s not the kind of man that will get into office and start making excuses about how bad things are but rather get to work and justify the trust and mandate given to him by millions of Nigerians. So, I am hopeful that he will perform beyond reasonable doubt,” he said.

Also speaking about what he expects from the incoming government, Bonsue Fuji exponent, Adewale Ayuba, noted that Nigeria will get it right if the Tinubu gets Nigerians on his side by doing what the people truly want, adding that with a battered and biting economic condition, Tinubu needs to hit the ground running and put his best foot forward.

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In his response to how Nigerians will fare under Tinubu’s government, entertainer, Charly Boy, stated that Nigeria should not expect a miracle to happen soon, pointing out that with a flawed process that produced the current leadership, there seems not to be justice and fairness that Nigerians truly deserve.

“I don’t have anything against Tinubu and I really think he has done well for himself but that doesn’t mean I am happy about how he emerged and the process that brought him in. I don’t expect any miracle from him because it seems successive governments after the tenure of Olusegun Obasanjo have been competing with failure. From Jonathan to the disastrous government of Buhari, Nigerians have been faced with untoward hardship and I don’t see Tinubu doing anything different,” he added.

According to comedian, Gbenga Adeyinka: “I am very certain that Tinubu will tackle the economy of the country and remove some of the policies of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) made by its governor, Godwin Emefiele, part of which is the inability of Nigerians to access foreign exchange to pay for their children’s school fees abroad and making life unbearable for the average man on the street.

“I don’t want to sound selfish by asking that he should give the creative industry preferential treatment but I want him to create an enabling environment for all Nigerians to do their businesses and thrive. I have so much confidence in Tinubu and I know he’s a man of practical economy; he will make Nigerians proud.”

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Actor Sahidi Balogun said: “I am one of the celebrities who campaigned for the emergence of Tinubu but that doesn’t rule out the fact that I want Nigeria to work for all and sundry. Nigeria belongs to everybody and we must not be making utterances that could further set us apart and set this country on fire.

“The incoming president is a man who will take Nigeria out of the doldrums without any doubt in my heart. Nigeria needs to get out of this troubled time and I am hopeful that Tinubu will deliver. My advice to him is that he must work for the unity and progress of the country and ensure that he delivers on the mandate given to him by Nigerians.”

Musician Harrysong said: “For me, the future of Nigeria rests upon the shoulders of the incoming government and it must do all in its capacity to put Nigeria back on track. As much as I am not happy with the state of things in Nigeria, particularly about the outcome of the last election, I feel it is time to start healing but that will not come if the new government fails to carry every region along and let peace and love flow across the country.

“This is not the time to preach violence or hateful speeches, Nigeria and Nigerians are bleeding on every side because of the bad policies of the outgoing government. We have to show love to one another and let it be seen that Tinubu’s presidency will unite Nigeria. He should work on the unity of the country.”

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According to musician Orezi: “Nigerians deserve a good government that works for everybody. We went through a lot of hard times in the last eight years and we hope that this new government will be able to restore our lost hope and give us a new song that will fill our hearts with joy and replace our despair.

“It looks as though everybody has accepted their fate and moved on from the last election but it doesn’t mean some Nigerians deserve better governance than others. We are all Nigerians and we must be respected and treated with fairness and equity.”

Musician Humblesmith, also speaking, said: “Young people are saying they are fed up but elders are not showing they are ready to give them the country they desire. People are feeling sad all around the country. What is killing us is that I don’t care if others die as long as I am okay.”

For Dj Jimmy Jatt: “I am looking forward to a government that will put Nigerians first and not just one region or a section of the country. I am hoping that Tinubu will make us all proud and make Nigeria a great nation again.”




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