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THE legal profession in Nigeria has always been a challenging field with its vast array of  information and practice resources. It requires legal practitioners to be highly skilled in their  practice and have access to a plethora of legal materials such as judgments, statutes, and  precedents, among others. The legal community in Nigeria has been hampered in the past by  the lack of access to such resources, which has made the practice of law much more difficult  than it needs to be. However, the advent of online platforms with digital tools has  revolutionised the legal community in Nigeria, providing easy access to vast quantities of legal  materials, legal practice resources and other important information.

Online platforms with digital tools provide legal practitioners with the convenience of accessing relevant legal materials with just a few clicks, unlike traditional legal libraries which  required the physical presence of the practitioner. This digital transformation has made it  possible for legal practitioners to work remotely, conduct legal research, and access legal resources from any location, which has significantly improved the efficiency and productivity  of legal practice in Nigeria. The importance of online platforms with digital tools for legal practice in Nigeria cannot be  overstated. According to a recent article by Bscholarly, “technology has brought about a lot of  positive changes in the legal profession” and has “made law practice more efficient,  productive and convenient.” Thus, legal practitioners can now easily access a wide range of  legal materials such as judgments, statutes, precedent, and other legal practice resources  with just a few clicks. This has made it easier for legal practitioners to keep up with  developments in the legal field and stay abreast of changes to legal practice.

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One such online platform is LegalDigitalNg.com, which was launched in Nigeria on April 3. This platform provides Nigerian legal practitioners, researchers, and students with on- demand digital legal tools and resources. It boasts of what would soon possibly be the largest  curation of judgments from Nigerian courts and also provides tools for automating the daily  tasks of legal practitioners in Nigeria such as downloadable forms and precedents that  subscribers can edit and customise for their own use. Furthermore, subscribers to  LegalDigitalNg.com also have access to a premium service that gives access to cloud-based  diaries and law firm management tools Another key benefit of online platforms is the promotion of legal  education. LegalDigitalNg.com has a dedicated section for law students that provides access  to study guides and summaries for exam revision. Students of the Nigerian Law School, in  particular, can use the platform to access study guides and summaries for exam revisions. It is accessible to everyone, and users can create accounts and subscribe to  gain full access.

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Overall, online platforms with digital tools are an important development for the legal  community in Nigeria and LegalDigitalNg.com is raising the bar for the legal community in Nigeria by providing easy access to legal information and practice resources, promoting legal  education, and making law practice more efficient and convenient. As the legal profession  continues to evolve, it is clear that such platforms will become increasingly  important to lawyers, legal researchers, and students.  As someone who subscribes to the leading online platforms in the industry, it is clear that  with its cutting-edge technology, and provision of access to vast quantities of legal materials,  legal practice resources, and other important information, LegalDigitalNg.com will  significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of legal practice in Nigeria.

Indeed, the  addition of LegalDigitalNG is a move towards sophistication of online offerings for the legal  community in Nigeria.

  • Ufford, a journalist, writes in from Lagos.



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