Now that elections are over

Now that elections are over, is it not better for all voters to reconfigure our settings? Partisanship, tribalism and ethnicity that overshadowed the elections were arguably needless.

The “influencers” fanned the narrative of bias and it irked me terribly. If we maintain our unity and the overall interest of Nigeria is our goal, we should be promoting what unifies us as a nation rather than division.

Know some of the following basic facts and know peace. The president is not the commissioner in your states. The governor is not your local government chairman. The Senate president is not your House of Representatives member. For the top to work, the bottom (engine) needs to be functional. Let us hold our councillors, local government chairmen, House of Assembly members and assembly speakers accountable to deliver democratic dividends.

Let us ask them what they do with our allocated funds. If we pressure them into working and addressing every issue, their performance will increase by 100 per cent.

Human capital and Nigeria’s institutional and development agenda

They should invest in local companies and businesses. That is when we can start talking about good governance. Once funds are allotted to states and LGs, let us monitor how much our states and the LGs receive. The mess in our “house” needs to be cleaned before we bother about the state of the “hall.” Our unity irrespective of our tribe and ethnicity is paramount to our growth as a nation. Governance is not only a duty during elections but a continuous process.

Igbo are good people, Hausa are good people, Yoruba are good people, Nigerians are good people, ethnic bigots are terrible and criminals are horrible. Let us respect one another irrespective of our ancestry, tribe/ethnicity and religion. Ékò Óní baàjé. God bless Lagos State, God bless Nigeria.

Temitope Sule-Akinsemoyin,

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