My father inspired me to become actress− Bimbo Success


My parents are from Ekiti State. My father, Adebayo Ogundare, aka Adebayo Success, was one of the pioneer members of the National Union of Road Transport Workers. He was married to three wives, and had 10 children, though one of them is late. My mother had four children for my late dad.


For my elementary education, I attended Command Children School at Ikeja military cantonment, Lagos. I went on to Holy Child College, Ikoyi, Lagos, for my secondary education.

Thereafter, I studied Mass Communication at the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State.


My father influenced my decision to become an actress. When he was alive, he was a fan of celebrities, especially Baba Suwe. Whenever he watched Baba Suwe in movies, he always wished to see him in person.


My father was a very calm person, and he was nice to people. He was a philanthropist, though when people are not close to someone, they would have other thoughts about the person. Some people thought my father was an ‘omo ita’ (lout). However, when people got closer to him, they saw the opposite of what they thought about him.

I recall that when I gained admission into OOU, I told someone my name, and the person said he knew only one Success, which was my father. The person went on to heap praises on my father, although he had passed on at that time. People still speak well about him a lot, even though my dad passed away in October 2002.


Nike Peller (an actress) is a very nice person. I met her through one of my sister’s friends, who is now late. Nike is so calm and humble. I have known her for more than 20 years. There are some leaders that when one is being trained under them, they would act very bossy. They would ask one to carry their bags and shoes. Some would even go as far shouting, insulting and slapping one. However, Nike never did all that. When I was training under her, she never gave me her bags to carry. And, that was not because she did not trust me. Even before she knew who my dad was, she was nice to me.

There are certain people that once they know that one is from a rich family, they would treat one with respect, and show eye service (pretence). Even before Nike knew about my family background, she was nice to me, and encouraged me as an actress. She has a wonderful soul, and I love her so much.

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Building a career in acting is not an easy task. I faced a lot of challenges. When I was ‘learning’ to be an actress, there were times I was told to come to a film location. I would then pack all my bags, regardless of if it was just two scenes I would feature in. But, on getting to the location, one would not be able to wear one’s cloth for the scenes. That was because there would be some girlfriends of boss’ that would be told to wear the clothes, while one would be told to sit in one corner. That was one of the challenges I faced.

Also, there were times that I got insulted while doing my job. However, I was able to overcome those challenges by the grace of God. Also, hard work and focus played a formidable role in my career growth, and it helped me to overcome many challenges. Indeed, I have paid my dues. There are certain people who come into the industry just be famous. They don’t really like to put in the work. They just want to get featured in movies, and become celebrities. However, there are others who work hard in the industry, and they have passion for what they do.


I have been absent from the industry, because I recently delivered twin children. Hence, I could not go to any film location. After giving birth to them, I was still not able to go to film locations. I was actually preparing to produce my own movie when I got pregnant again.

I had the babies some months ago. Perhaps, in six months, I will be back fully into the industry.

English films

Whenever I am called to feature in English films, I would go. The Yoruba film industry is very big. There are some persons who feature in English films but won’t be popular until they act in Yoruba films. I have featured in about three of the popular actor and filmmaker, Ernest Obi’s films before.

Funke Akindele

When Funke Akindele does something for one, she might not want it to be disclosed. Even when she did something for Aremu Afolayan, he stated that she might not want it to be revealed; but he just had to say it out. I have been close to her for some time now. Sometimes, when we have differences, we go our separate ways and later reunite.

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When I gave birth to my twins, she was in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) then. When we were talking (on the phone), she heard my son coughing. I had initially got some drugs from a hospital. I was told to go to Lekki, Lagos, that night but I could not, because it was already too late. Funke then asked me to go to a hospital in Lekki, and when I was about to pay, she called the hospital and asked them not to collect any money from me, that they should just treat my son. Some celebrities don’t like to go public about the help they render. When she (Akindele) saw the post I made publicly, she knew that I appreciated her support.


It was not because of the claims that actors do not support one another that made me disclose Funke’s assistance towards me. In the movie industry, there are some people one would be close to, and there would be others one would not be close to. There are some people I am not close, but whenever it is their birthdays, I would celebrate them. But, sometimes I get upset that when it is my turn, some of my colleagues do not do the same for me.  I am also close to Iyabo Ojo. By virtue of my closeness to those people, they can render help to me. However, they might not render help to the people they are not close to. When (social media) posts are made about elderly people that are sick, Funke usually helps them. I simply made the post talking about her rendering help to me to show appreciation to her.


I felt honoured and happy that I won the NET Honours Class of 2022 Award for the ‘Most Searched Actress’.


If one likes something, one would go for it. I really love the industry. I got married to my husband (Saheed Oscar) because of the movie industry. If I got married to someone that was not in the industry, I don’t think it would work out. That is because the person is not in the industry, he might initially allow me to go to movie locations, but it might get to a point when he would ask me to stop. For most of my colleagues who got married to people who were not in the industry, their marriages crashed. My husband allows me to do my job, and I allow him to do his. My husband loves the job, the same way I do.

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I have three children. Every day of my life, I pray for awaiting mothers, because it is not an easy experience. I got married in 2016, and I had my first child in 2021. Every day, I feel happy training my children. When I gave birth to my last child, some persons were saying that I still had a baby not too long ago. But, I answered that it was God’s doing. I believe that He would also bless others the way He has blessed me. That is why I am taking my time to care for my children before returning to the industry.


I have had good and bad memories as an actress. There are some insults one would get as an actress, even from people who met one in the industry. I would just look at them, because they are being pushed by the money they have. I have seen a lot of things. Regardless of the good and bad experiences, I still thank God for my life.


In the industry, there are quite a number of Bimbos, including Bimbo Akintola, Bimbo Oshin, Bimbo Thomas and Bimbo Ademoye. However, I thank God that Bimbo Success is also known.


I have learnt many lessons so far as a public figure.

First, one needs to be calm and good to people. I remember going to Lagos Island 10 years ago and I just wore a (simple) gown to buy something. Someone who met me said some comments to me that were not nice. She also said things about my dressing and the fact that I had no make-up on my face. In that case, some people might get angry, but I did not. I wondered why she talked to me that way. I had to tell the person that it was very early in the morning, and I did not need to apply make-up before leaving my house at that time of the morning.

There are some people who see us in public and ask us for money. Even if one does not have up to N5,000 that moment, they would think one has a lot of money, because one appears on television. However, whenever insults are hurled my way, I just smile.


Aside from acting, I sell jewelleries.


I like to dress simply and casual. I don’t like to expose my body. My favourite fashion accessory is an 18-karat gold.


I love to travel.

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